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The Home of “Original Fabric Art” by Betty!

This page is the entrance to my Shoppe. It is my hope that you enjoy your experience perusing my “Original Fabric Art” and my fabric inventory and that you find things you believe are worthy of your time and your money to purchase. Thank you so much for visiting my Shoppe!

CovrThredz! stands with the people of Ukraine!

Fabric Reusable Bags!

These two pieces of “Original Fabric Art” I designed and created in March. Both are made from 100 percent Cotton from my vast, awesome inventory. They are completely lined. Both have vinyl bottoms with rivets, have inset zippers on the top, with short handles on either side. This bag had one large pocket without closure on the front, and two smaller pockets inside, on either side without closure.. I’m asking $25 for bags similar to this.

Vinyl Bags

The bag below is made from heavier upholstery cotton. It is completely lined, with a vinyl bottom and rivets. It features an inset zipper on top, which when zipped, completely encloses the bag, and unless it is fully immersed in water, makes it virtually weather-proof and spill proof. This bag is one example of the bag or bags that I can create for you from the vast inventory of fabrics that I have; or I could purchase fabric that you choose, for the low cost of $25.

All vinyl enclosed bags, with inner closing pockets, riveted bottoms, and outer pockets, starting about 15 x 15 inches, begin at $35.

Fabric Options

Here are just a few examples of some of the beautiful and stunning fabric that can be made into “Original Fabric Art” by betty for you! Visualize one of these lovely pieces of fabric made into nearly any sized bag, set of pillow slips, fun or beautiful decorator pillow cover for a room! CovrThredz! makes Keepsake Pillows and Covers as Mementos for a favorite day or a cherished memory!

A Piece Under Construction!

This is as gorgeous as it looks! Light upholstery cotton lined with beautiful, vibrant quilted cotton! There are no pockets in this bag, however, it also has a vinyl, riveted bottom, with a top inset zipper and short handles. This art piece is also totally enclosed and pretty much spill proof! Something like this could be yours! This one goes for $25. About 15 x 15 inches, with zippers on the inside, closed or not, and a zipper or two on the outside, starts at $35!


This is something I saw an ad for from one of my online vendors. Waffled Linen that is washed, dried and made into towels. I decided to try it. I will be dying it; I can’t imagine something this absorbent and light colored staying light colored and looking good in our house; but the process of using our own bath towels, hand towels and washcloths to cut and hem the Linen ones was interesting. I got 3 yards at once, and still have more to go….but HOW COOL is THIS!!?!


I have seen a couple of large flag companies that are on the news that are making Ukrainian flags because they see a need to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. I have decided that CovrThedz!, even though I am a much smaller company, get blue and yellow fabric, like the colors of the Ukraine flag and make flags for anyone who would like them.

The size of the flags I’m making is about 14 x 12 inches. About the size of a flag one might hold and wave at an outdoor or sporting event. There will be an opening for a dowel or a small wooden rod, but there won’t be one. I’m charging $15 dollars per flag, plus the most economical shipping I can find. Nothing for handling. $10 of that fee is going straight into the Ukrainian community, either here or overseas. There are starting to be more groups opening now to help. Or I may send it to the kitchen that my partner is sending his donation to. Either way, $10 of every flag I sell goes to the Ukrainians. I will let you know where the funds go.