As of 8/01/2021, the following prices include taxes, s/h are added. We will post when these prices no longer include taxes. Please be aware s/h and taxes or other fees assume IN the continental US. S/H prices OUTSIDE the continental US., and/or out of the country, where appropriate and applicable fees, may raise price of shipment.


Every precaution is taken with ANY piece of “Original Fabric Art” as concerns controlling the spread of the Covid 19 virus and any of it’s variants. Compliance with CDC restrictions, where applicable and appropriate, have always been, and will always be followed by this company. Color-setting, pre-washing, drying and ironing of products (where applicable and appropriate) before leaving this facility, are followed consistently; UNLESS applying heat, such as with Waxed canvas or any pre-treated surface would damage integrity of surface. When ordered, written verification of notice and acceptance of notice will be documented via printable means. Once all reasonable and legal precautionary health measures have been taken by CovrThredz!, this company is no longer responsible for anything other than the structure and excellent condition of our products. CovrThredz! will repair or replace, with proof of your reasonable and customary wear and use of the product once they leave this facility, for one (1) month from date of your receipt of package. (Proof of receipt required) If proof can be provided that product left this place in defective condition, (photo and explanation must be provided) and product was not mis-handled in any way, product will be replaced, shipping both ways provided by CovrThredz!.


If you are ordering a piece from our inventory, complete payment must be made and received before shipment of piece. If you are purchasing a piece that is being designed by you, or us, and has not been created yet, 1/2 the price of the piece and shipment must be paid and received by CovrThredz!, to begin the piece. Once piece is finished, and you have received a picture of the finished product, and approved it in writing, (text, fax, message, for example, the balance of payment must be received within 1 day of notice that your piece is finished. Your piece will be shipped the next business day, along with tracking information, or the reason that it isn’t shipped will be furnished and you will be notified of shipment of next available shipping date and tracking info.


Single Pillow Cases and Covers, or just Pillows are also available! Prices for ONE Pillow Case is half the pair price. When taxes become applicable, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Standard sized Pillow Cases, one color, no embellishments:

The set: $15.00 plus s/h

Queen sized Pillow Cases, one color, no embellishments:

The set: $21.00 plus s/h

King sized Pillow Cases, one color, no embellishments:

The set: $25.00 plus s/h

Standard sized Pillow Cases, main color with accent fabric, with inner English cover and/or French Seems. With both inner English cover and French seems

The set: $29.99 plus s/h

With English inner cover or

French seams: 25.00 plus s/h

Standard sized Pillow Cases, two or more colors

The set: $18.00 plus s/h

Queen sized Pillow Cases, two or more colors

The set: $21.00 plus s/h

King sized Pillow Cases, two or more colors

The set: $24.00 plus s/h

King sized pillow cases can also be made as “Adjustable” Pillow Cases for same price!




14X14 inches

start at $14.00 plus s/h

Prices increase for generic covers as size increases. For more elaborate embellishment on any size decorator pillow, or for Custom embellishments, contact me.


Prices start at $15.00 plus s/h for 12”x6” for one and two fabric combinations. Usually made from 100% Cotton fabric in our inventory. Upon request, and your specifications, your choice of fabric can be acquired and embellished, at additional cost. Also reasonable and appropriate further cost for handling and shipping.


Totes will be made from various fabric in our inventory. One color or fabric Totes approximately 12×12 begin at $12.00 plus s/h

Other bag prices will depend on size, design and fabric content and will be posted on product page.

CovrThredz! plans on growing our inventory and ability to help you customize the beautiful Original Fabric Art creations you would like to invite into your life as time goes on. We also plan to follow the holidays of the year, and YOUR special days as they go with time.

Thank you for checking CovrThredz! out! Please continue to follow CovrThredz! on FB, Instagram and other exciting venues as we grow and change!

Happy June! Happy Pride Month!

My company, CovrThedz!, my family and I have always stood with and behind the LGBT+ community and celebrated with it. In celebration with our LGBT + members this month, I am offering $10 off the total cost of every order with the mention of this promotion. I have the item and price menu in the front of the website. Until the 1st of July, this promotion is valid.

Here are examples of a few of the fabrics that I have in stock for designing and creating “Original Fabric Art” by betty for the every day celebration of Pride. I believe strongly that the LGBT+ community should be celebrated every day, not just the month of June. I can mix or match these fabrics. I can also find more. I do custom pieces, and I have some on hand. Thank you for visiting this website. Please feel free to visit my other website,, my FB page, and follow me on Twitter, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.

Inventory Selections!

I would like to invite you to look through a few of what I think are awesome selections of fabric! These pieces are just part of an ever growing inventory for creating and designing “Original Fabric Art”. Our fabric sizes go from Fabric Quarters, (22″ x 18″) to 1/4 yard, to sometimes several yards.

CovrThredz! art includes, but is not limited to Pillow Cases of all sizes, Decorator Pillow Covers of all sizes, and Keepsake Pillow Covers, for all occasions. We also create and design Place mats, and Napkins. We create and design all sizes of reusable cloth bags, from coin purses and cosmetic bags to most any sized tote bag. We have stone bags, and bags for storing most anything! Our stone bags are crocheted with natural fibers such as cotton. Bags can be made of other natural fibers, if we can get them, upon your request.

We have been making and giving Covid Masks to family and friends for over a year. We will continue to make Covid Masks, according to CDC regulations; now 2 layers, rather than 3 or 4, like last year. If the layer advisory changes from 2, or at your request, we will go back to 3 or 4; or we can make them with layers and an option for a filter pocket and filter. We do what we can to keep everyone safe! All Covid Masks are made from 100% cotton.

How we process our fabric will be in another part of this site.

We will soon have offerings created by designers such as Bagstock and Emmaline, and made by CovrThredz!

We plan to have “Original Fabric Art” available in tote bags for every season of the year and following the Wheel of the Year. We will also offer LGBT designs throughout the year; as we are able to keep designs for that in stock. We believe that the LGBT movement needs to be celebrated all through the year, not just in June. We will also have patriotic offerings through out the year, as long as we can keep the fabric in stock. We have a couple of other surprises as we continue to expand our offerings for you! Part of our offerings for you consists of custom work, as long as that work can be done in our shop. We would love for you to choose a fabric from our growing inventory, that you design, and we make!

Welcome to CovrThredz!

Betty Hauser and Rich Rapp…Owners and Operators or CovrThredz!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! I am NOT a Techie! Nor am I a Computer Wizard! Those are TWO of the reasons this website is taking SSSOOO L.O.N.G. to construct and I am, very possibly losing VALUABLE time NOT creating Original Fabric Art to share with you (show you and sell to you!) and not being able to set this series of pages up for your perusal!

Having said that, what I AM, is a retired, disabled person, TRYING REALLY HARD to GET THIS WEBPAGE SET UP!!!! (smile)

This page has been up for a couple of months, and as far as I know, readable, but in a very sorry state. The same goes for my Yelp page. I’m going to enlist some “professional help” (with the website), although I could probably use it, too! (smile, again).

CovrThredz!, is, as some of you know, has the shape-shifted form of it’s predecessor, the original, or birth form, CoverThreads!. CoverThreads!, as I explained before, was used by two other companies, that didn’t come up on Google, when I researched it…AND our company was THIRD on the list(!) so, it HAD to be changed! When I asked Rich (my loving, patient spouse) the first time for a name for the company I wanted to create to continue making Covid Masks, (and more things) he gave me the original name, CoverThreads!. The explanation mark was, and continues to be my idea. To me, it makes the name more exciting! I don’t think it necessarily needs it, (to me the name and concept are exciting enough by themselves! πŸ™‚ ). I just like the look and the “feel” of it there! πŸ™‚ Getting back to the re-birth of company and name, when I asked him to help with re-doing the name, again, he immediately came up with the revision. He’s very intelligent, and clever…(he did, after all, come up with several ways of attracting me all those years ago…:) and keeps my attention, over 40 years later! πŸ™‚ He doesn’t understand the explanation point, but I do, and so my “baby” was renamed CovrThredz!, and spelled the new way that he suggested…with MY explanation mark. (!) πŸ™‚

As I’ve said before, and said just a bit further ^^^^ up there…my (our) company was born of a desire to help family and friends with Covid Masks. I’ve been doing that for over two years, sadly; but the fact remains that they are still needed. I was using a 5 year old Brother that Rich bought me for Christmas one year when Joann’s was having a sale to do that sewing at first. It was giving me minor problems, and I wanted to upgrade to personalized masks and other things, so a better sewing machine was in order. We went back to Joann’s and checked their inventory of sewing machines on sale. After about the third trip, and given considerable latitude by Rich in our budget, I decided on a Viking Topaz 50. I’ve never properly learned to use the embroidery part; although I’ve watched Sara from Husqvarna demonstrate it a number of times; (that’s happening in October) but, I’ve been able to make a number of masks and totes on it. I’m looking forward to making a large number of those and many other things on it in the coming days. I’m excited! πŸ™‚ CovrThredz! also makes crocheted things like hats, bags, and scarves!

So…getting on to fabric for my “Original Fabric Art” and my rather awesome inventory…below is only part of, what I think, is really awesome fabric supporting the LGBTQ+ groups and those people with disabilities.

Above are fabrics I chose because of their vibrant color and Tie Dye patterns!

These fabrics are vibrant and colorful, and I think have beautiful patterns! They would make awesome Pillow Covers, Decorator Pillow Covers, Covid Masks, or really cool Totes! Also, someone contacted me about selling them fabric; which I hadn’t thought about before that! I am willing to do that, too, if anyone else is interested!

Any of these fabrics are available to be made into “Original Fabric Art” designed by me or by you! Hopefully, this page is now working better, and can be a wonderful addition to your shopping experience! Please contact me with “constructive comments about what you would like to see more of, requests for specific colors or patterns. If we don’t have it, I will get it! I am beginning work very soon on designer bag/purse and wallet designers Bagstock, and Lillianne to sell.