Happy June! Happy Pride Month!

My company, CovrThedz!, my family and I have always stood with and behind the LGBT+ community and celebrated with it. In celebration with our LGBT + members this month, I am offering $10 off the total cost of every order with the mention of this promotion. I have the item and price menu in the front of the website. Until the 1st of July, this promotion is valid.

Here are examples of a few of the fabrics that I have in stock for designing and creating “Original Fabric Art” by betty for the every day celebration of Pride. I believe strongly that the LGBT+ community should be celebrated every day, not just the month of June. I can mix or match these fabrics. I can also find more. I do custom pieces, and I have some on hand. Thank you for visiting this website. Please feel free to visit my other website, CovrThredz.com, my FB page, and follow me on Twitter, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google.

Published by CovrThredz!

I am a retired woman located in St. Louis, Missouri. About a year ago, I started a new business called CovrThredz! My business has had a slow start, but like a shape shifter, we keep changing and coming back! We are determined to succeed! Please follow us on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, WordPress, of course! and other exciting places!

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