As of 8/01/2021, the following prices include taxes, s/h are added. We will post when these prices no longer include taxes. Please be aware s/h and taxes or other fees assume IN the continental US. S/H prices OUTSIDE the continental US., and/or out of the country, where appropriate and applicable fees, may raise price ofContinue reading “CAUTIONARY AND INFORMATIONAL STATEMENT FROM COVRTHREDZ!”

Happy June! Happy Pride Month!

My company, CovrThedz!, my family and I have always stood with and behind the LGBT+ community and celebrated with it. In celebration with our LGBT + members this month, I am offering $10 off the total cost of every order with the mention of this promotion. I have the item and price menu in theContinue reading “Happy June! Happy Pride Month!”

Welcome to CovrThredz!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! I am NOT a Techie! Nor am I a Computer Wizard! Those are TWO of the reasons this website is taking SSSOOO L.O.N.G. to construct and I am, very possibly losing VALUABLE time NOT creating Original Fabric Art to share with you (show you and sell to you!) and not being able toContinue reading “Welcome to CovrThredz!”