Inventory Selections!

I would like to invite you to look through a few of what I think are awesome selections of fabric! These pieces are just part of an ever growing inventory for creating and designing “Original Fabric Art”. Our fabric sizes go from Fabric Quarters, (22″ x 18″) to 1/4 yard, to sometimes several yards.

CovrThredz! art includes, but is not limited to Pillow Cases of all sizes, Decorator Pillow Covers of all sizes, and Keepsake Pillow Covers, for all occasions. We also create and design Place mats, and Napkins. We create and design all sizes of reusable cloth bags, from coin purses and cosmetic bags to most any sized tote bag. We have stone bags, and bags for storing most anything! Our stone bags are crocheted with natural fibers such as cotton. Bags can be made of other natural fibers, if we can get them, upon your request.

We have been making and giving Covid Masks to family and friends for over a year. We will continue to make Covid Masks, according to CDC regulations; now 2 layers, rather than 3 or 4, like last year. If the layer advisory changes from 2, or at your request, we will go back to 3 or 4; or we can make them with layers and an option for a filter pocket and filter. We do what we can to keep everyone safe! All Covid Masks are made from 100% cotton.

How we process our fabric will be in another part of this site.

We will soon have offerings created by designers such as Bagstock and Emmaline, and made by CovrThredz!

We plan to have “Original Fabric Art” available in tote bags for every season of the year and following the Wheel of the Year. We will also offer LGBT designs throughout the year; as we are able to keep designs for that in stock. We believe that the LGBT movement needs to be celebrated all through the year, not just in June. We will also have patriotic offerings through out the year, as long as we can keep the fabric in stock. We have a couple of other surprises as we continue to expand our offerings for you! Part of our offerings for you consists of custom work, as long as that work can be done in our shop. We would love for you to choose a fabric from our growing inventory, that you design, and we make!

Published by CovrThredz!

I am a retired woman located in St. Louis, Missouri. About a year ago, I started a new business called CovrThredz! My business has had a slow start, but like a shape shifter, we keep changing and coming back! We are determined to succeed! Please follow us on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, WordPress, of course! and other exciting places!

4 thoughts on “Inventory Selections!

      1. Rachel, I’m really new to this, as you know. If you didn’t get my answer before, please message me with your preferences, as in kind of fabric (cotton, silk, (I’m assuming you want natural fiber…?) color preference….if you’d like i can try and send you a couple of pictures of inventory… I will also try and message you…:)

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